Operating Stand OS-2

The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-2 allows for accurate and repeatable Durometer readings. It rules out subjective test errors, which may be caused by differing load application forces or non-vertical application of the durometer to the test piece.

The Durometer Operating Stand works on the constant load principle. The sample is positioned on the support table. The durometer is lowered shock-free by means of a manually operated lever. The hardness value can be read directly from the Durometer. The stable Durometer-unit consists of Aluminium. Due to the low weight the durometer-unit can be easily adjusted in height. Small and big samples can be tested in the Durometer Operating Stand. A crash ring - mounted on the column - eliminates a crash between durometer and support table, when lifting or lowering the Durometer-unit.

Operating Stand Model OS-2

More Information

  • Order-No.: 212 000
    Operating Stand OS-2
  • Order-No.: 212 008
    Weight Shore D
  • Extension: 115 mm
  • Support table diameter: 98 mm
  • Max. sample thickness: 180 mm
  • Durometer unit:
  • Stable aluminium design
  • Weight Durometer D: Optional
  • Net weight: 16,4 kg
  • Standards:
    DIN ISO 7619, ISO 868, ISO 7619,
    ASTM D 2240
  • For Durometer types:
    A, AO, D, B, C, DO,O
  • Operating instructions