Durometer Calibration Device/Force

This Durometer Calibration Device - to check the forces on durometers - was designed according to ISO 18898. You can check all Durometer Types according to DIN, ISO, ASTM, JIS etc.

The Durometer Calibration Device consists of:

  • a base with spirit level
  • a sturdy column with arm
  • a height adjustment
  • a Durometer support
  • an electronic balance

All parts are made of stainless steel or aluminium. Due to the new design it is also possible to use durometers of almost all renowned manufacturers by appling our optional adapters. By means of the height adjustment (thread pitch 0.5 mm) the durometer can be driven to the electronic balance to obtain durometer values of 10, 20 up to 100. Gram values of the respective Durometer values can be read at the electronic balance. If necessary these gram values can be converted into Newton. The Durometer Calibration Device can be supplied without the electronic balance. We recommend type XS6002S by Mettler Toledo. This balance can, of course, also be supplied by us.

Durometer Calibration Device Force

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    Durometer Calibration Device/Force