Hildebrand Prüf- und Meßtechnik GmbH 

We are a manufacturer of measuring devices to determine the IRHD and Shore hardness and Thickness Gauges for Rubber and Foils.

The main product line comprises products for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic materials. Our products are easy to use combined with high accuracy and durability.

Our product line comprises hardness testers according to Shore (Durometer) and IRHD (MICRO and MACRO), manufactured according to international standards.

Durometer and IRHD – Measuring with high accuracy


The Durometers conforms to DIN ISO 7619, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240 standards.

IRHD – International Rubber Hardness Degree

Our IRHD Systems conforms to DIN ISO 48 and ISO 48 standards.

Our Durometers and IRHD Systems are produced and calibrated in Germany.

Thickness Gauges, Densimeters and Services makes our product line perfect.

Thickness Gauges

Thickness Gauges conforms to ISO 4593, ISO 23529 and ISO 5084 standards.


Density determination at our Densimeters are according to ASTM D 3574 and ISO 8307 standards.


Of course we can supply specific hardness test devices or second hand equipment. Additional test equipments and reliable Services e.g. Calbration, Measuring as Service or Training how to use the equipment are understood.

Our measuring devices in our quality assurance room fully corresponds to national and international standards.

More information you will find in the chapter About us.