X-Table Center Device

X-Table Center device with digital gauge is cooperating with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. This fixture is designed to measure small irregular parts. Two straight pins are used as rest positions for the sample. The sample can be easily fixed with modelling clay. The digital gauge enables exact measuring at the measuring axis i.e. the highest point of the sample.


  • Digital gauge:
    Measuring range: 0...25 mm, Functions: On/OFF, mm/inch, HOLD, PRESET, Resolution: 0.001 mm
  • Standard sample holder:
    Exterior dia.: 50 mm 
    Matrix 5 mm x 5 mm, 60 holes dia. 2H7, 
    2 straight pins included
  • Custom designed sample holders are available
  • Connecting hole in base for sample holder: 8H7
  • Sample holder is fixed with a straight pin preventing any rotation

IRHD X -Table Center Device IRHD X -Table Center Device Sketch

More Information

  • Order-No.: 222 550 X-Table Center Device
  • Dimensions: 260 mm x 140 mm x 70 mm
  • Net Weight: 1,35 kg